Letter from Bro. Scott

Letter from Bro. Scott

Sunday, October 14, 2018

In early 2015 I received a call from Dr. Jimmy Hollingsworth. He identified himself as Chairman of the Pastor Search Committee from FBC Lake and asked if I would be available to meet with him and the committee. When Carley and I accepted the invitation to meet with the committee from a First Baptist Church, in a city we couldn’t find on a map, we had little idea that God was initiating an incredible relationship.

Since the first days FBC Lake has captured our hearts. Together we have seen God move in unexpected and mighty ways. Through her ministries the Church has been strengthened and hundreds of souls have been saved. FBC Lake is a unique congregation with selfless compassion towards others and unmatched love for their pastor. 

Today I offer my resignation. My last Sunday with you is Sunday, October 21, 2018. Carley, Scott 3, Everett and I cherish each of you and we celebrate each movement of the Spirit we shared together. The sad news is that I will have to watch from a distance as God continues to change the world through your loving kindness and generosity in the Gospel mission. The good news is that God is not finished working at FBC Lake. The days ahead of you are filled with GREATER WORKS. 

As we begin our transition to serve as Senior Pastor at North Oxford Baptist Church (MS) we freely spread the news of an incredible church in Lake, MS that seeks God, loves everyone, and does not know that rural churches have a reputation of dormancy. You are active, involved, and aggressive in your love for the Word of God and desire for the lost to be saved and the saved to be discipled.

You are our People!

Scott K. Thomas II