Staff Listing

Chris Anderson, Worship Band

Johnny Doerner, Director, Outdoors@1st 

Jeremy Gibbs, Director of Worship

Kimbo Gladney, Director, Kidz@1st

Tyler Hall, Worship Band

Rae Hollingsworth, Director, Prayer@1st

Nelda Jones, Staff Instrumentalist

Ted Jones, Director, Men@1st

Donna McIntosh, Office Assistant

Marc Mitchell, Worship Band

Dan Plunkett, Worship Band

Erin Plunkett, Worship Band

Nona Renaud, Staff Instrumentalist

Allison Whigham, Director, Kidz@1st Worship

Mike Wooten, Financial Secretary

Brenda Wynne, Director, Women@1st

Dianne Usry, Coordinator, Senior Adults@1st

__________, Director, Special Needs Ministry

__________, Pastor to Families and Students

__________, Senior Pastor

*FBC Lake Staff listing includes both paid and volunteer staff. For more information about open positions contact 

*RECOMMENDATIONS and RESUMES may be submitted to Please provide the name of the position you are interested in.