Serve At First Lake

“Every member a minister.” At First Lake we believe that every Christian is called to experience faith by serving others. To serve others is an opportunity to reflect the love of Christ in your life and it is also a way to experience faith by making sacrifice. Jesus sets this example; therefore, it is of great importance that everyone have the opportunity to invest and serve at First Lake. We have a team of volunteers whose sole responsibility is to Connect People to Service Opportunities. 

The service and volunteer opportunities are vast and vary greatly. Whether you can contribute 15 minutes each week or serve on a regular rotation team such as the Nursery Team or Greeter Team, we can help you find your place to experience faith.

What are the requirements? To serve at First Lake we simply require you to be available and dependable. Many weekly and monthly roles are filled by men and women who love First Lake and want to experience faith in a new way by contributing to the ministry. Do you need to be a member? No, we understand that some folks want to know about a church and prayerfully consider the important decision before becoming a member. That takes time, but we don’t want you to miss the blessing of experiencing faith while you prayerfully consider membership. Some leadership roles require Membership Status, but most service opportunities simply require availability and dependability.

What next? The Connection Team wants to help you find your place and the most important part of their role is to help you find a service opportunity that allows you to utilize your personality and spiritual gifts as God designed you. It is important to the church and to you that you “fit” in your role. When you are serving according to your personality and spiritual gifts you will have more fun and experience faith like never before.

Here are some steps you can take:

  1. If you don’t know your spiritual gifts consider downloading and completing the Spiritual Gifts Survey below:
  2. TAKE a minute to think about ways you have served in a church before. This will be important for our Connection Team. They will ask you if you have served in another church, what you did, and how you liked it. For example, if you served as an Usher and liked the work, but want something that provides more service opportunity you will want to share that. Or if you worked in the nursery, but discovered children’s ministry wasn’t you favorite, be sure to let them know.
  3. TELL us you are interested. The staff is continuously creating new service opportunities and as First Lake grows new leaders are needed each week. If you want to experience faith by serving at First Lake, just let us know. The Connection Team will help you find the perfect place of service based on your experience, personality, and spiritual gifts. Use the contact form below to get started.