Prayer Ministry


Prayer@1st is the name for the intentional prayer team at FBC Lake. Since the founding of FBC Lake, the church has maintained an intentional focus and practice of prayer; however, in 2016 the Spirit of God began to spread visions to develop a team of committed and gifted prayer warriors to expand the prayer practices within the church. In 2017 Rae Hollingsworth assumed the role of Director of Prayer@1st. Since the time of formation the Prayer Team has developed a concerted mission, programmed small groups and Bible Studies specific for equipping and propagating prayer warriors, exerted a greater awareness of the power and purpose of prayer within the church, and lead the way with a weekly prayer list for members and guest.

The prayer team exist to engage the local church with the purpose and power of prayer, educate the church on the practice of prayer, and encourage Followers of Christ to experience prayer in greater and more dynamic ways.