About Us

First Baptist Church is a multi-generational congregation located in downtown Lake, MS that seeks to participate in God’s mission by sharing Jesus with the lost and encouraging and training believers through discipleship.

Service Times

Sunday Morning Service    

8:30am and 11am

Midweek (Wednesday)    

Children and Students   6pm
Adults       6pm



Church Facilities: 80 S. Main Street, Lake, MS 39092

Office: 72 S. Main Street, Lake, MS 39092


We understand our church mission to include three actions:

1. Engage the world with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. More specifically we aim to share Jesus with the lost so that they can enter into a personal relationship with God.

2. Educate the Church by the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Encouraging and raising up believers in their faith is accomplished primarily through the teaching, preaching, and studying of God’s Word. Additionally, we seek to disciple believers through corporate and small group settings.

3. Experience faith by living out the Gospel each day. First Lake aims to experience faith by making our energy, resources, and time available to serving others. This occurs each day in our local community, workplaces, homes, and schools; but it also occurs during on the local, national and international missions opportunities.


We know we are accomplishing our mission when we see the following:

1. Our friends, family, and neighbors choose Jesus, participate in Believer’s Baptism and join a local Christ-centered, Bible-teaching church.

2. Believers engage in regular times of personal Bible study and prayer, small group involvement, and corporate worship.

3. Members serve others by giving to and serving in local, national, and international missions opportunities.


We are an autonomous congregation and by the corporate vote of our membership we affiliate with:

Scott County Baptist Association

Mississippi Baptist Convention

Southern Baptist Convention